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29 Of the Best Office Pranks Practical Jokes to Use at Work

29 Of the Best Office Pranks Practical Jokes to Use at Work Working nine to five (or longer) is not necessarily fun. And even if you would consider your work interesting in general, there are certainly days or periods when everyone gets slightly demotivated, bored and nervous.Those days call for action and action means-pranks!Now, I wouldn’t say I lack the sense of humor but researching through the internet and seeing all pranks creative employees around the world thought and pulled off… No other word but, amazing!Some people actually devote tremendous efforts into messing up with their coworkers and some of these epic pranks are, at times, truly impressive!We all know that best results happen when one dedicates time, energy and resources and this applies to successful pranks as well.Sometimes it only takes a really good idea, but more often, it is simply ‘the more, the better’.A few words of wisdom before I guide you through some of my favorite office pranks…GOLDEN RULES OF SUCCESSFUL PRANKINGDo not insult (I mean really insult) yo ur coworkers or even worse, boss.Pranks should be fun, not insulting. The result of it should be a lot of laughter, not a bunch of coworker hating your guts or not talking to you for the next six months.Do not destroy property (either company’s or your college’s).Ok, of course, some glue, post its, some stationary material… All that should be fine, but try not to cause any permanent damage to one’s property (like scratch ones car?) or cause relevant losses to the company’s budget.Do not prank in anger!It may be tempting, but don’t do it… Chances are you’ll overdue it and someone will get angry, hurt or seriously annoyed.Pranks are best served cold.Do not do anything illegal!Just don’t do it…No drugs, torture, prostitution or prohibited websites. To give an example: Do not put drugs in your colleges desk and call the police. Chances are you’ll both end up being questioned and/or in custody.No discriminatory statements/behavior.I am a fan of cross-racial, slightl y discriminatory(sh) jokes myself. It’s true and I usually own it.Nevertheless, I wouldn’t pull them off with most of the people I work with… I don’t really know them well enough and I don’t really know their level of tolerance when it comes to such matters.Furthermore, jokes and pranks are not the same. Pranks are a lot more public and you don’t really want people to take you for a hater of black/gay/women, do you?So, try to keep it civilized.Prank people you know or know won’t mind it.This is a pretty general statement… If a prank is moderate and decent, you can pull it off without considering your victims that much.Still, I am under impression that pranking is much better with people you know or, at least, get along well with.The feeling that you crossed the line is not really a pleasant one and these situations may result in some seriously awkward atmosphere in the office.No pranks with clients around!This one is self-explanatory.To you, it may seem like a fantas tic fun, clients will most probably consider this seriously unprofessional. Stick to the golden rule: Pranks are for internals, leave externals out of it.29 AMAZING OFFICE PRANKSWe will start off with a few easy ones and slowly reach the culmination with either most complicated or simply, most disturbing and riskier pranks… Don’t say I didn’t warn you and prepare to be inspired!1. Easy yet effective… Source: User Devanalyse on InstagramOk, this one is handy when you want to pull off a quick prank with limited time and resources. Pro tip: Works better on people who panic easily and/or hate insects!2. Another no brainer Source: PinterestYou just need a slimy in white or any color… Again, very fast and easy and the terrified look on a colleges face is guaranteed. Warning: Some shouting and curses may also come up, depending on how temperamental a person is.3. Simple yet brilliant Source:  User Farewelltomediocrity on TumblrI mean… I can’t wait for a new toaster or microwave in our office kitchen!This is so simple: you basically don’t need any time or material, apart from a piece of paper.But just imagine your serious colleges talking to a toaster…Priceless!4. For that college you really want embarrassed Source: User  12q9et on RedditIt’s a no brainer and its effective… The downside is that it’s not too creative and that you only get one shot at it… A person will remove it, immediately after he/she sits on the chair, but sure, that moment will be embarrassing.You can use it on that person who never realizes how load he/she actually is… Quitte a subtle way to tell someone to be quitter, right? 5. Mouse malfunction Source: Iruntheinternet.comCover the laser of the mouse and watch magic happen.Pro tip: Works ten times better on people who are easily annoyed… It will be funny, but do stop them if they start hitting the mouse though!6. Just cruel Source: Instagram user scotchandsarcasmThis one can be super successful with people who like their desserts. Still, bear in mind that some people take food matters rather personal. Like my college bestie… I think this kind of prank would seriously kill her mood for the whole.If you are unsure how successful it’ll go, try observing potential victim’s reaction to an empty Nutella jar in the kitchen. If she/he reacts to this rather emotionally, try finding another target. Or go ahead if you don’t mind a bit of drama.Pro tip: If you want to make it even more painful, content should consist of something particularly unattractive like broccoli, carrots, or the absolute worst, garlic.7. Still in the ‘food’ section but slightly more drastic Source: Rant LifestyleChanging the actual ingredients is not touching someone’s weak spot for food. I speak for myself: I hate garlic/onion. If I took a bite of it, thinking I am eating sugared/caramelized apples, I wouldn’t account for my actions.Therefore, don’t pull these off with people you don’t know or aren’t close with… They may seriously hate you and violence is not entirely excluded.8. For that one person with post-its overuse problems Source: worldwideinterweb.comPersonally, I am somewhere between admiration and sadness with this one. I hate paper and office supplies waste but ok… I am slightly obsessed.On another note, these pranks are IMPRESSIVE! One could even say the second one is a masterpiece. Also, post its are easily removable (even though it may take some time), so no harm done to the furniture or walls…9. Pimp my ride Source: User Mayivy on Flickr.comI love this one! Amazing and I am seriously considering pulling it off when I have some time to spare (because this prank may take a while).Tremendous effort, great style and if the other person has a sense of humor, he/she will ride this car proudly as long as possible! I actually don’t see how anyone could not like this one, it’s just fantastic.10. Spectacular! Source: User  williebeth on RedditNo further comment necessary for this one. To me, it’s more of a great surprise than a prank… At least I would consider it so.Warning: The only time this could be considered inappropriate is when a room is actually to be used for meetings with externals… If you don’t remember, leave these pictures and go back to the rules for successful pranking-No pranks with externals!11. I don’t know where one gets the money for this, but… Source: DailymailThere are many versions of this prank circling online. Bags of candies, chips, cookies etc.I think it is self-explanatory but I will still stress this one out: BAGS. The content should still be in a plastic bag (one big one or many smaller ones), because otherwise, the aftermath will not be amusing for anyone.Imagine the cleaning which would have to be conducted and possible damage to the computer and other equipment. Mindful packing and all will be good.12. A more brutal variation: Be careful Source: worldwideinterweb.comFilling a person’s cubical with paper and well, trash may not be super funny for everyone. This one is more for coworkers you know like it a bit more extreme.Again, it is a tremendous effort to do something like this but mind people’s feelings… You don’t want anyone to feel like trash13. Crime scene in the office Source: worldwideinterweb.comOne of my favorites! Inspirational, creative, a brief godfather reference… In other words, a masterpiece.14. A true fan/Belieber Source: worldwideinterweb.comThis one takes a bit of effort, that’s for sure… The example in case shows a Justin Bieber setup but you can do it with literally any famous person your college finds extremely annoying.The point is to hit the weak spot and make it as girly as possible. Exaggeration is key here!15. Make it creepy-It will be forgiven! Source:  DoseI find these toys extremely creepy…The same with clowns. The same with other people’s or artificial hair… Just don’t do this to me, otherwise, go ahead.16. Undefined: Somewhere between creepy and cute Source: LOL PranksI don’t know what to say about this one… A strange feeling of discomfort isn’t really leaving while looking at these pictures… Fur rats? The first impression to this prank would most probably be shock and fear.Could be very successful with a person who is seriously afraid of rats (screaming and all involved).So yes, high success rates guarantee, medium costs, no serious consequences involved… All in all, good prank ratio.17. This will scare the hell out of your colleges Source: BuzzfeedVery clever and not so hard to pull off. Success rate is guaranteed. I would say an overall good effort-success ratio… Be my guest…Pro tip: If you want to make it even more effective, put a picture of a creepy human up there (e.g. a woman from the ring/Nicolas Cage). It appears more real and it’ll take longer for a person to realize it’s not a joke… You are welcome.18. Speaking of creepy: Toilet terror at its best. Source: HubspotDon’t get me wrong…I don’t find Nicolas Cage creepy per se, but this setup?Pure gold: this facial expression, the location, the emotions it arouses (very weird). For some reason, Nicolas Cage is quite popular when it comes to office pranks (no idea why). I chose this arrangement because it speaks to me for some reason, but if interested, there is a lot more inspiration on the web. Feel free to explore…19. Speaking of toilet: Classic Source: LOL PranksClassic but works every time… Warning though: You may not necessarily want to pull this one off if your company’s employees are rather old-fashioned/conservative. In other words, try not to stress people out.20. Wrap it up! Source: User Tbertor1 on TumblrAgain, I would be honored to find my table wrapped up, especially if it’s my birthday, but the majority would consider this to be a high-quality prank… Oh well, the categorization is rather subjective but the result is mesmerizing.21. Go green! Source:  HubspotOk, this one is impressive in so many ways… It takes a keyboard, time, seeds and SOME dedication! A flower (plant) needs time to bloom so don’t expect immediate results but if you do succeed… Wow. I bet your college will remember that day in the office for the rest of his/her life.Personally, I don’t have the patience for this one, but I salute anyone who decides to pull it through. The result is truly spectacular!22. Go holiday Source: User  Sanjeev on Imgur.comWe all have that one college who keeps talking about holidays on and on… This prank may be adequate for this kind of coworkers.Also, it could be a really nice/funny way to cheer up one of your colleges, reminding him/her that holidays are close and that more relaxed days are coming…And what a picturesque way to do that! This prank is one of those cases where exaggeration is crucial. ‘Under the see’ vibes and all that…23. That face-everywhere… Source: User Decentleaf on Imgur.comThis one is the biggest hit if conducted with boss’s pictures, on the boss himself/herself… A picture can also be a mugshot (I find this adds an extra touch).Be creative… The point is to have as many pictures of a person as possible, everywhere! Otherwise it doesn’t work. Let’s put it like this: The key is not to have any spare space left! 24. High school feels! Source: BlogspotHere, again, quantity is the key. You think one of your office buddies deserves a high school reminder?It is always special waking up after a party, and I am sure your college will appreciate you taking the time to make a real-life simulation of this situation, if even in the office… The liquid inside can be whatever you want, however, I would advise not to use alcoholic beverages to this purpose.Just imagine people coming to the office at 8am to smell that!On the other hand, if you are on the extreme side, be my guest… Just note that not everyone will find this amusing (possible suspension risk).25. For the man who never has enough time… Source: Instagram User alicetaywongAgain, this one is ten times more effective when performed on a boss or manager.Basically, you’ll want to do it to that one person that is always in the rush and ‘doesn’t have time’ for anything. I know, this one is not an easy one to pull (that’s why it’s number 25).First, it takes a toilet… A good opportunity to do something like this may be a toilet renovation or a general office renovation. Otherwise, any time if you can get the necessary tools/equipment!Also, as much as I am sure your boss/coworker will appreciate the effort, you may want to make sure he/she will actually be okay with this prank, hence, not offended that you dared to redecorate his/her office in such a way.26. Where is my car? Source: User gcbb on flickr.comThis pig is someone’s car! INCREDIBLE-No further comments…27. That’s it, you are getting suspended! Source:  WorldWideInterwebYou most probably are…But is it not so worth it? I don’t even know how one gets this advanced… Here we are talking serious pranks, level magic.If you can’t pull this off, it’s perfectly fine… This one is for professionals and the one who does this is bound to become an office legend. No further comments needed.28. No extra effort for extra results! Source:  BuzzFeedSmart: no other word for this prank. Ok, the seriousness level is awarded because of the actual disruption which may result for the people in the office. If there are, let’s say, only two toilets at the office, this prank may cause some seriously misfortunate events…Anyway, I think it is genius and would love to see annoyed faces, knocking and yelling at this horrible guy for occupying toilet that long. Sorry, but he really couldn’t care less…29. Someone ACTUALLY did this. Source unrealitymag.comA winner. Golden jewel of office pranks. Completely surreal. And yet, someone actually did this. Brought an actual bear to the office and all.I don’t even want to know how, with what authorization and where he/she actually got the bear from… Illegal? Most probably… Phenomenal? Absolutely!This one is will be hard to beat.OFFICE PRANKS ROCK AND HERE IS WHYFirst of all, they are fun (or at least, should be). But it’s not only that… Pranks, as jokes, can also be used to convey powerful and meaningful messages.You want someone to chill with their food habits/talks-Food prank.You want someone to stop complaining about holidays, being tired etc.-Holiday/vacation prank.You want to point out post its and paper overuse-Post it pranks.And this list of examples, of course, is not exclusive…Naturally, pranks are also a lot of fun and can be used to improve the overall atmosphere in the office, to relax tension and also, get teams to bond.Yes, when people come to gether to prank, they start thinking more like a team and this enhances the overall sense of unity. Nice, right?Therefore, pranks can actually be very beneficious for the atmosphere in the workplace (as long as you keep it within certain boundaries). Go ahead, be a party-starter, make people laugh.A person that doesn’t appreciate a high-quality prank is just weird, so don’t worry about those Unless this person is your boss… In this case, you may want to leave pranking for outside the office.Otherwise, bring it on!

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Jack s Master Morality Final Draft - 1301 Words

Paul Lacson Mr. Wolf H English 10, Period 3 13 December 2014 Jack’s Master Morality Final Draft German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, establishes that all human actions are selfish and may be categorized as a desire for power, pleasure, or self-preservation. In addition to the three categories of human actions are the two moralities that define each person; master morality and slave morality. Characteristics of power, vitality, and pride would be seen as good and of the master morality, while characteristics of cowardice, timidity, and humility would be seen as bad and of the slave morality. This assertion is related to William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, in which a group of schoolboys get stranded on an uninhabited island†¦show more content†¦I can sing C sharp’ â€Å" (Golding 22). Jack’s attempt in being chief can be seen as an act of selfishness according to Nietzsche, due to his immediate establishment of power without mention. As a result, this selfish desire for power immediately dra ws a division between Jack and the one that had been elected chief, Ralph. Following Nietzsche’s philosophy, we may conclude or calculate that Jack’s following actions are characterized to satisfy his desire, likely becoming chief, in any way possible. Nietzsche says that our actions are not characterized as free will, but in the order to please the want, believing, â€Å"All our actions are based on our desires for self-preservation, pleasure, and power. Moreover, these desires completely determine how we act. We have no free will and consequently bear no moral responsibility for any of our actions† (Stumpf and Abel 402). In addition to the driving forces of one’s actions, according to Nietzsche, Jack’s actions are already predetermined in order to achieve his ultimate goal of rising to power and controlling the group of boys. In addition, Jack’s only motivation would be his own self-interest and nothing more, therefore all of Jackâ⠂¬â„¢s hunting and contributions to the assembly that he volunteered to do would all be motivations in becoming chief. Overall, Jack’s desire in becoming chief supports Nietzsche’s view on human nature in their selfish drive for power. In addition to Jack’s actions of

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Social Penetration Theory Is Defined As The Process Of...

According to Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor, Social Penetration Theory is defined as the process of bonding that moves a relationship from superficial to more intimate. The theory can be perceived as a game plan for people, especially in a relationship. This can give you guidance on how to interact with individuals in order to establish a stable, and developing relationship through interpersonal communication. For example, when you encounter someone whom you’ve never met before, you may ask some questions to learn a little bit about this person. We tend to exchange information back and forth by asking people questions. Essentially, this is what social penetration theory does. It looks at how we exchange and share information with people that we have never met before and how we self- disclose. Self- disclosure can be separated into the theories three main concepts: depth, breadth, and reciprocity. These important concepts of Social Penetration Theory were clearly shown when I w itnessed an unusual conversation between my roommate, Maddy and a young man named Nick. A typical conversation, turned into an extremely uncomfortable situation for all of us. Something we definitely did not expect. On Thursday after class, my roommates Mckenna, Maddy and I were sitting at the cafeteria tables. All of us were deep into our laptops, and reading assignments, when suddenly a young man approached my friend Maddy. He states: â€Å"Hey, want to go out?† Maddy looked at us as if she had just seenShow MoreRelatedSocial Penetration Theory ( Altman And Taylor s Theory882 Words   |  4 Pages Social Penetration Theory Hermeet Kalsi, Ancheta Aaron, Millie, Stephanie, Lucà ­a Skinner Mission College â€Æ' Social Penetration Theory (Altman and Taylor’s, 1973) The Social Penetration Theory interpersonal communication was proposed by the psychologists and theorists, Altman and Taylor in 1973, with the idea of offering an explanation for the closeness or intimacy that can develop between two people. â€Å"The social penetration theory states that as relationships develop, communicationRead MoreThe Social Penetration Theory Of Interpersonal Communication814 Words   |  4 PagesThe Social Penetration Theory interpersonal communication was proposed by the psychologists and theorists, Altman and Taylor in 1973, with the idea of offering an explanation for the closeness or intimacy that can develop between two people. â€Å"The social penetration theory states that as relationships develop, communication moves from relatively shallow, no intimate levels to deeper, more personal ones.†(Altman and Taylor in 1973.) They also proposed that this process towards closeness, is regulatedRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory827 Words   |  4 Pag esthe theory The founders of the theory were Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor. Altman is a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Utah whereby Taylor is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Arlington. Altman and Taylor developed this theory to provide an understanding of the closeness between two individuals. Apparently, social penetration is defined as a process that moves a relationship from non-intimate to intimate. The theory states that this process occursRead MoreThe Arts Administration Is Also Known As Arts Management1593 Words   |  7 Pages The arts administration is also known as arts management industry is seen as a broad and ill-defined career, as the manager gets the opportunity to explore a wide variety of roles within an arts organisation. Arts management revolves around business operations surrounding any arts organisation. An arts manager is an administrator that organise and facilitates with the day to day business activities of an arts company; this could involve writing a business report, working alongside the artisticRead MoreLiving All My Life Through Kazakhstan And Being A Third Generation Of Ethnic Korean Living Outside The Korea Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pagesnew-appearing nations on the map of the Soviet state that later created difficulties in demarcating borders for the national states within the Soviet Union since the population stayed ethnically mixed (Tishkov 30-31). Francine Hirsch would call the process of nation-building a double assimilation when ethnically diverse people were assimilated fir st into the nationality categories and then into the Soviet citizens (Hirsch 213). Nonetheless, not all ethnic groups were granted their own nation, territoryRead MoreEthnic And National Identities Of Koreans Essay2063 Words   |  9 Pagesit can be. In order to investigate my own â€Å"quest for identity† in this essay, first I will look at the Soviet phenomenon of nationality and its impact on modern perception of one’s ethnic and national identity. Then I will proceed by incorporating theories on ethnicity and nation in order to distinguish the identities. In the final part I will present the history of Koreans’ deportation and how this experience was essential for preserving ethnic identity in the independent Kazakhstan. One shouldRead MoreSelf Disclosure And Its Parts3776 Words   |  16 PagesHow to Improve Disclosure Every romantic relationship starts when two strangers meet and learn more about each other until they become a couple that is interdependent on one another. For this to occur, all relationships have to go through ongoing process of self-disclosure. Self-disclosure has large influence on liking and attraction by other. Therefore, in this paper I will define self-disclosure, its components and what is self-disclosure between partners. I will discuses when disclosure is beneficialRead MoreSocial Media s Effect On The Relations And Connections Of Its Users5887 Words   |  24 PagesAbstract Snapchat now is the third most popular social media app competing with Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, it is defined as an ephemeral instant messaging application that allows users to take pictures, videos, add a caption, doodle and send the content to a friend or add it to the user’s story and share it with the user’ friend list. The snaps can be reviewed up to 10 seconds and then disappear. The snapchat company reporters that Snapchat has 100 million daily users, 65% of those peopleRead MoreNorton Rose : A Global Legal Practice6050 Words   |  25 Pagesof marketing metrics in the context of marketing and the process of making marketing decisions in your chosen organisation. You should refer to relevant theory within this subtask. I have chosen Norton Rose Fulbright LLP (NRF) from the global legal services industry to demonstrate the importance and effects of marketing metrics. NRF is among the global market leaders with respect to providing legal services. Farris et all (2009) defined a metric as â€Å"a measuring system that quantifies a trend, dynamicRead MoreA Triangular Theory of Love Essay16226 Words   |  65 PagesA Triangular Theory of Love This article presents a triangular theory of love. According to the theory, love has three components: (a) intimacy, which encompasses the feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness one experiences in loving relationships; (b) passion, which encompasses the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, and sexual consummation; and (c) decision/commitment, which encompasses, in the short term, the decision that one loves another, and in the long term, the

Authentic Leadership Free Essays

Article Summary: Authentic leadership for 21st century project delivery from the International Journal of Project Management APA citation: Lloyd-Walker, Beverley1 beverley. lloydwalker@vu. edu. We will write a custom essay sample on Authentic Leadership or any similar topic only for you Order Now au Walker, Derek(2). International Journal of Project Management; May2011, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p383-395. Retrieved from EBSCOhost, summarized by Rachell Bishop. Summary: The project managers of the 21st century will need to adopt new leadership models to sustain continuous improvement. There are three primary points that the article study present. CMM (Capability maturity model), Authentic leadership and Alliance project management are at the forefront of the study. The importance of soft skills such as emotional intelligence, relationship building, trust and commitment are emphasized rather than the hard core technical skills held by project managers in general. The necessity to transition from transactional and transformational leadership styles to authentic leadership style is presented in detail. The authors noted the differences in leadership approaches and skill sets that will be necessary for project managers to be successful and remain relevant in the future. . Leadership styles: Transactional, Transformational and Authentic 2. CMM (Capability maturity model): Integration of transactional and transformational leadership styles resulting in authentic leadership paradigm 3. Alliancing: Demonstrated team building and cooperation among project management professionals to achieve optimal project delivery for all not just ke y stakeholders 4. Authentic leadership soft skills – overall emotional intelligence as demonstrated through ethical and moral actions, integrity and clarity in words and behavior, honesty, fairness and relational development 5. Generational shift: Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y valuation of leadership skill sets must be addressed 6. Project managers and leaders: project-based versus project-oriented 7. Implementation: Communication and engagement of all stakeholders is key The pilot study and preliminary research results concluded that there are major changes necessary for project management to evolve and remain relevant in the 21st century workplace. Authentic leadership, a CMM plan and soft skills are particularly relevant for the continuous improvement of the project management field. How to cite Authentic Leadership, Essay examples

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The Benefits of Making a Healthy Lifestyle Changes Essay Example For Students

The Benefits of Making a Healthy Lifestyle Changes Essay Diet related disease is currently the largest cause of death in the United States of America. (TEDtalks) We can make a change to help decrease those numbers, the change starts with your personal health. By decreasing the amount of processed food you consume and increasing the amount of fresh produce you eat, and how much you exercise, you are actively improving the quality of your physical health. You can help others by encouraging them to do the same. Though it may feel like you are indestructible at this point in your life, it is imperative to take care of your body now, so it remains in good condition as you age. We will write a custom essay on The Benefits of Making a Healthy Lifestyle Changes specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now What we eat now is impacting our future, which is why it is essential to make sure you are meeting your nutritional and physical activity requirements. Munching on healthy foods such as lean meats, nuts, whole grains and fresh produce, comes with several perks. Healthy eating not only supplies vital nutrient it also helps to balance the body. Eating right can provide more energy, help alleviate stress, improves your hair, skin and nails, as well as improving your overall physical, emotional, internal and external health (WebMD and Interview with Ms. Otto). A healthy diet can even help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, kidney stones and bone loss. Fresh fruit and vegetable consumption can also lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol. (WebMD and recommends one and a half to two cups of fruit and two and a half to three cups of vegetables each day for teenagers ages 14-18. Exercise is also known to enhance fitness and health as well. By frequently exercising a person reaps many benefits, including a maintained healthy weight, getting more sleep each . .. Sugar Love (a Not so Sweet Story). National Geographic Sugar, Why We Cant Resist It Aug. 2013: 78-97. National Geographic. Web. 23 Oct. 2013. MagazineOtto, Tina. Issue Project Interview on Nutrition and Exercise Awareness. Personal interview. 16 Nov. 2013.Presidents Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition. Be Active, Eat Right. Fitness. Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, n. d. Web. 23 Oct. 2013. gov/>. WebsiteTEDtalks: Chew On This: Teach Every Child About Food. Dir. Jamie Oliver. Perf. Jamie Oliver. TEDtalks, 2010. Netflix.USDA. ChooseMyPlate. gov. USDA, n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2013. . WebsiteWebMD. Healthy Eating: Benefits of a Healthier Diet. WebMD. WebMD, 19 July 2011. Web. 03 Dec. 2013.>.

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The Basics of Monetary Policy

The Basics of Monetary Policy Here is a basic information on what a monetary policy is and how it works. The topic of monetary policy is a very real part of the everyday life of people all over the world, but unfortunately, the people responsible for it – the world’s central bankers and economic ministers – seem to have a difficult time discussing it in anything other than the murky terms of hard economics that most ordinary people have a hard time understanding. For example, here’s a passage from The Federal Reserve System Purpose Functions, a guide for the American public published by the US Federal Reserve Board: â€Å"Often, a slowing of employment is accompanied by lessened pressures on prices, and moving to counter the weakening of the labor market by easing policy does not have adverse inflationary effects. Sometimes, however, upward pressures on prices are developing as output and employment are softening - especially when an adverse supply shock, such as a spike in energy prices, has occurred. Then, an attempt to restrain inflation pressures would compound the weakness in the economy or an attempt to reverse employment losses would aggravate inflation.† Good grief. All of that means, â€Å"Addressing a problem in one part of the economy sometimes creates problems in another part.† Monetary policy may indeed be an extremely delicate and difficult job to do well, but it is not really that difficult to understand or explain. But of course, the central banks and treasuries around the world are staffed with economics and finance graduates, not journalists or communications majors; which is probably for the best, but still leaves the average person a little confused about what, exactly, his government is doing to his money. SEASONAL EFFECTS IN STOCK MARKETS The Goal of Monetary Policy is Control of Prices So, what is a  monetary policy? â€Å"Monetary policy,† defined in as few words as possible, means â€Å"Managing the supply and movement of a nation’s money to keep the prices of goods and services from changing too rapidly or by too great a degree.† Every part of the economy – jobs, business productivity, consumer buying power, the credit or debt of the government – in one way or another is connected to prices, which are since the entire world now operates on a fiat money system, actually expressions of the value of the nation’s currency. There are two basic ways in which governments can control money supply and movement: by manipulation of the physical supply of money, and by controlling the flow of the money supply through the banking system. In most financial systems (the Eurozone, in which a common currency is shared by many countries, is a bit of an exception), the central bank serves as a bridge between the government’s treasury and the country’s banking system; the central bank is the government’s bank, and at the same time serves as â€Å"a bank for banks.† The actual supply of money is controlled by the treasury; the central bank controls its release into the financial system and also manipulates the movement of money already in the financial system. Prices are of course related to the supply of money. When there is too much money, prices become inflated, because the value of one unit of currency relative to goods or services decreases. When there is too little currency, prices deflate. In the case of inflation, it is the consumer that suffers the negative effects, because they are able to purchase less for the same amount of currency. In the case of deflation, the opposite problem occurs, and it is the producer (supply side) that is negatively affected. Governments aspire to prevent either problem from occurring because inflation or deflation affects spending, which eventually has an impact on production, employment, and even tax revenues. Maintaining absolutely stable prices – with no inflation or deflation – is practically impossible, so governments aim to control price inflation within a reasonable range; the ideal target differs from country to country depending on particular economic circumstances  but is usually around 2%. Thus in most places, monetary policy amounts to â€Å"a series of actions taken by the government to maintain prices at about a 2% rate of inflation†, and there are several ways in which they attempt to do that. MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND Instruments of Monetary Policy Increasing the money supply This is the most drastic and risky method of exercising monetary policy, which is perhaps why the US government has given it the friendly-sounding name â€Å"quantitative easing†, or QE. QE simply means printing more money; the obvious risk to taking this step is that increasing the physical supply of money causes inflation. The basic idea behind QE is that providing more money for banks to loan and consumers and businesses to spend, the increase in economic activity will more than offset the inflationary effect of a greater money supply. Central bank interest rates These take two basic forms. Lending rates are interest rates charged by the central bank to commercial and retail banks for short-term (usually overnight) loans. Deposit rates are interest paid to banks on short-term deposits to the central bank. Banks are required to maintain reserves of funds against the deposits of their customers. At the end of each business day, the transactions a bank has made that day will usually leave it with a deficit or a surplus with respect to its required reserve, meaning that the bank will either have to borrow to make up the difference, or can deposit the extra amount with the central bank, paying or earning interest as the case may be. Interest rates set by government monetary authorities affect the flow of money in a couple different ways. First, the lending rate usually serves as a benchmark for commercial and retail loan rates; a decrease in interest rates usually creates greater demand for loans, which moves money out of the financial system into the market. Second, the deposit rate is used to manipulate the supply of money in the financial system, and as a consequence, the money’s value relative to other currencies. If the deposit rate is decreased, banks are either less likely to deposit their surplus funds, instead of lending them to other banks or to customers or will earn less – i.e., take less money out of the government account to put into the financial system – if they do deposit their surplus. Decreasing the deposit rate hypothetically weakens the value of the currency because more money will remain in the financial system. FINANCIAL CRISIS OF 2008 Market operations Principally, the sale of government bonds and other securities in the financial markets. Bonds and treasury bills are basically fixed-term loans to the government which has the effect of removing money from the financial system, though of course it usually appears again elsewhere in the form of government spending. In the US and other developed economies, government securities are usually the primary means by which monetary policy is exercised on a day-to-day basis. If your paper in economics gets you cornered, there is a way out. Our writers know how the Wall-Street things work, thats wy we can handle any economic or financial college assignment. Just place an order and see how the things work.

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Writing Excuses 9 Actionable Tips to Overcome Writing Excuses for Good

Writing Excuses 9 Actionable Tips to Overcome Writing Excuses for Good Writing Excuses: 9 Actionable Tips to Overcome Writing Excuses for Good We all make writing excuses for various reasons and it slows down our progress for writing a bookPublilius Syrus once claimed: Every vice has its excuse ready. And writing is no different.In this article, we will uncover the kind of excuses we make and provide you tips on how to overcome your writing excuses.So stay put! Learn. Practice. And soar.Here are our tips for how to overcome writing excuses:Find your voiceAvoid the non-native speaker debateDevelop a writing habitCut back on social mediaDont procrastinateStop fearing the fallDisability is not inabilityStrive for progressGet rid of writers blockNOTE: Want to learn how to not only publish a book, but do so in a way that sets your book up for long-term success? We teach exactly that in our VIP Self-Publishing Program. Learn more about it hereWhat causes writing excuses?There are a plethora of reasons writers give for letting excuses take over their work.Sure, some are the real-life instances you may connect with, and others are cheesy ideas saved in your head.You are likely to find reasons like toddler trouble, age, illness, time, little knowledge, to creativity blocks still making headlines in the writing community as the biggest launchers to writing excuses.But do you know what? Only you can let go of all excuses- and we at Self-Publishing School are here to help you along the way. The common excuses which prevent us from writing or self-publishing: Im not a native English speaker, can I still write? What is the right age if you want to self publish? I am 14 years old; do I stand a chance? Writers block (which we cover solutions to below) I am still learning how to write. I have little vocabulary knowledge: what should I do first to be a writer? Life problems/disability. Waiting for the perfect time to write. Looking for good writing tips. Fear of failing or falling. Looking for a book genre or how to start a story. Laryngitis. I want to write a script; what should I do first? Ill do it later.How to over come writing excuses with easeThe late Great Louis La Moore, the prolific author of over 100 books, once said he could write on a busy street corner: that was years back where authors used a pen, a paper, or a typewriter to create text.Imagine the benefits you can add to your writing in this era of the iPhone, tablets, and cloud apps that allow you to write on the go? First.#1 Find your voiceUsually, we learn writing by imitation: but no matter how you view it, Laryngitis will only add poison to your book.I know you may love how JK Rowlings writes or Neil Patels variety, but I can tell you that drifting away from your voice will be a bane to your book.How?Remember the creativity slowdown I mentioned earlier?When the author completes his piece, you are blank, with no ideas for your essay. You have nothing fresh to add after you finish comparing your writing to the author you are reading.The magic to fighting ensuing excuse from Laryngitis is finding your voice in writing. But thats only half of it.Here are other kick-butt methods to find your writing voice:Writing more every day.Write your draft freely without editing or looking at another persons work.Write and research later: or research but take a break before you engage in the writing process.Plot all your plans for writing a novel and ideas on some paper or notebook whenever they pop.Read more from different authors, publications, and manuscripts.Get creative with your work or content.Write with the buyer persona in mind.Get laser-focused with your writing or content by selecting a niche and a language.#2 Avoid the native/non-native English speaking debateClient: Native English speakers only.Writer: But I am not native!I hear this phrase a lot in the writing community, especially from clients who want their book/content written by Anglophone writers.But frankly speaking, I have never understood the debate or the relationship between native and non-native speaking to writing unless one is writing on relig ion, culture, cuisine, or destinations nuance.What should you do then if you are not a native English speaker?Many great writers are native English speakers. However, writing should not only be in the English language but in other languages too! And being a native does not equal writing well.Here is how to win this debate: You can write in your native language and use a service like Google translate to translate phrases and words to other languages.If you want to focus on English, read English books, the dictionary, thesaurus, and journals on the niche you want to write.Practice writing in the English language.Watch English films and movies (not the Housewives thing).Stop using autocorrect while writing.Invest in your education, learning the language.Use online writing assistants like Hemingway editor to bring clarity in your writing.You can also seek inspiration from the likes of Prof Ngugi Wa Thiong and Chinua Achebe who are not native English speakers yet, have published books in the English language and even received international accords for their persuasive writing.#3 Develop a writing habit and strategyPlanning is a necessary process in any persons life not only for corporates but writers too.If you do not plan, you plan to make writing excuses! It is that simple.The building blocks you create in the planning process will inspire you to reach your goal of completing that book. It will help you avoid replacing writing with watching The Game of Thrones, buying groceries, browsing for advice and settling toddlers or cat mischief and excuses.Tip on making a successful plan:Designate a specific time for writing and reading.Set targets.Push yourself.Create a content calendar and a place where you find writing prompts or exercise to kill writers block.Test your progress after a week or a month.Make a list of what you want to achieve. It can be in sticky notes on a wall or laptop for affirmation.Set reminders to give you the push and inform you when its time to do groceries, shopping, or writing.Create realist goals on the number of words you want to write in a day. For me, I love using 750 for setting and achieving my daily writing goals.Here too are our favorite writing software you can use in planning, time management, improve productivity, and kill those writing excuses:Chrome Plus Time Tracking AppToogllWunderlistGoogle calendarCoffitivityFocusMateEvernote#4 Use social media lessHow often do you use social media? Once a week? A day? Every minute?It is true social media has got a tremendous influence and opportunities these days. It has created jobs, made communication, information, and knowledge more manageable. But it has also contributed to time and resource wastage not forgetting making the world louder.Studies show on average; we spend close to three hours every day on social media slacking off watching memes or viral content yet, we could use this time to improve on our writing skills.Take, for example. You take an hour to write 1,000 words. You could reduce the number of hours you spend on social media to two, and the other on writing.Social media is also not just a place for watching memes, but thankfully, a platform to develop writing habits. You can write on LinkedIn writing, Tumblr, or even Facebook as you connect with friends and family.Other ways to get over being hooked on social media:Turning off notifications so you can concentrate on writing.Use an app like Zen writing app or the ones mentioned in #3, which keep track of what you do.Write before you engage in another activity. This will make you want to write faster since you want to move to the next commitment.Let your desire for writing be numero uno.Make the environment conducive for writing.Join writing groups like the Self-Publishing School Mastermind Community: an excellent place to find inspiration from those who share or overcome similar challenges and excuses.How to succeed in writing groups to get over writing excuses:Joi n relevant writing groups worth your time.Connect with authors and publishers through personal chats for advice and inspiration on places such as or professional associations for writers and editors.Ask only relevant questions and be on point to get the most answers out of your questions.Build a rapport.Connect, network, and engage in each case.Never let social media take charge of your life.Take advantage of its hidden gem and use social platforms as an inspiration to arouse your creativity and bring back your writing mojo.#5 -Avoid procrastinationIf its not easy to start, it will be hell to finish. -  Niklas GÃ ¶keProcrastination is the biggest thief of creativity, progress, and success. It is an enemy you must conquer at all cost.Whatever it is that you may not want to write now, stop waiting for the right time, age, or when the right resources are available to start.Today, the community has got many great resources. You can write on your phone, table t, or a pocketbook. You can also use platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, or Tumblr to share your stories: or use a tool like Jami Gold Save to plan your novel if you are starting in this art.Remember also the Great Louis La Moore words on being able to write on any busy street corner.Any place, any time is an opportunity to write: not procrastinate.Note: For your writing to work, you need to be in the writing factory and not embrace the excuse factory.#6 Dont fear to fallThere is a lot that goes into self-publishing a book: drafts, outlines, revisions, finding a publishing company and eventually marketing and selling to the public who receives it with mixed reactions.Guess what happens during all this process?Frustrations, name shaming, trolls, in-your-face insults, and horrible reviews with straight-up lies.If this has been the case, keep the fire burning and kill the negative energy in this way:Make a list of all the life lesson and use them for motivation if you lack the inspirati on.Keep a list of your favorite motivational quotes.Take Sir Richard Bransons offer challenging readers to write letters to their younger self how to navigate life.Make a list of your habits positive and negative.Write of your failures and how you plan to succeed.Have faith which gives powers and action to thoughts. Most people develop excuses because they do not have faith in their writing.Finally, keep in mind that success waits on the other side of failure.#7 Disability is not inabilityAre you struggling with specific challenges in life? Maybe an illness, marital problems, family issues, anxiety, low mood, spouse abuse, or low self-esteem?Life has a unique way of furnishing us with problems- a thing the Bible captures: but it encourages us to overcome our challenges in a unique way.2 Corinthians 4:8-9: We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.You may struggle with whatever challenges life throws at you, but do not turn them into writing excuses.Remember, excuses thrive well where problems exist. The many times you count the troubles you are experiencing, the more you will use them as a reason for not completing your book.To tow you out of the excuse mode, look up these five authors who succeeded in this art despite disabilities.Peter WinklerOctavia E. ButlerChristy BrownJean-Dominique BaubyFyodor DostoyevskyI also wish to encourage you to:Write a memoir or a biography, or on the challenges, you are experiencing.Write about your failures and shortcomings and how you plan to undo them.Find a mentor in writing groups, writing conferences, and co-working space.Ask an able sister, friend, or family member to assist where necessary.Use technology, especially those for voice, motion, and creativity.#8 Strive for progress, not perfectionWhen I started writing, I struggled to produce a well-polished draft. I hated rewrites and self-editing made me want to ram my head into a wall.But with time, I allowed myself to be scrappy.I realized that giving it all in my drafts held my back: it pushed me into the rabbit hole of procrastination, fear and made me look inept.You may aspire to be perfect at what you do, considering the good returns it brings. But perfection sometimes carries a poor reputation plagiarism, Laryngitis, and writers block.This is especially the self-judgment we impose on ourselves when we find our piece is not of the quality of bestsellers or garnered low reviews.While you may want to become a bestselling author; when starting, strive for progress and with time, harness the power of perfection through edits, second, or third editions. Remember the old saying of how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.That your first piece never made headlines does not mean the next will experience the same fate.Aim for progress. Perfection is like success, a journey, having no destination: hence the doing is a lot more important than th e result.Here is a broad overview of how to aim for progress:Collaborate with other writers, making relationships with them, whether aspiring or professional.Seek reviews and feedback from beta readers.Find or pay an editor to help bring out your thoughts, ideas, and write more succinctly.Do an activity that will bring more clarity to your writing.Give yourself enough latitude to experiment and maybe fail a couple of times.#9 Writers block doesnt existIt is an excuse us writers use to shot our own feet when writing or publishing a book: then seek comfort in a community or in-crowds ailing of the same.Lets face it one more time: Writers block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol. Steve Martin.Guess what? You can stop it.How? It often starts with finding the real ailment, some soul searching and admitting to yourself.The other list of things you can do to write without writers block goes here:Make a habit of writing ideas every day.Seek idea s from social media or writing groups.The Time is Now.Check out these story ideas to stir inspirationThese creative writing prompts.Ask your partner or friend for ideas if stuck.Go through some of these creative writing exercisesDo something unique at least every quarter. It can be a documentary, podcast, or something related to the writing you produce.So whats standing in your way from self-publishing? Not excuses, it is you. But we can fix that- here at Self-Publishing School- with a few shifts in the mindset.Ready to get rid of those excuses and get your book DONE?With this training, excuses are not a part of the equation. Basically, we help you work through your biggest excuses in order to achieve your main goal: write and publish your book.